Why Is Travel Medical Insurance Canada Crucial In 2021?

Most Canadians assume that their provincial health insurance coverage protects them from coast to coast and therefore fail to buy travel medical insurance Canada while travelling within the country. However, there are certain drawbacks to this coverage that you should be aware of before travelling to another Canadian province.

What isn't covered by provincial health insurance?

Your provincial health plan has basic benefits to reimburse the expenses of a hospital stay after an accident or unexpected illness while you fly within Canada. In reality, most hospital services would be covered by OHIP as a result of interprovincial health insurance agreements—provided, of course, that you are qualified.

        Medically essential hospital services given to in-patients or out-patients whether the services are medically necessary to preserve health, prevent disease, or diagnose or treat an accident, illness, or disability.

        Medical practitioners provide medically necessary physician services.

Health insurance provided by the province does not cover anything!

Every province or territory's health insurance has its own set of restrictions. As a result, regardless of where you are in Canada, you will have to pay for expenses that are not covered by your provincial insurance. Ambulance journeys, prescription medications, and other drugs administered outside of a hospital are examples of facilities not covered by OHIP.

Doctor-provided health care can also be reimbursed up to the rates in place in your province or territory of residence. For example, if you visit a doctor while on vacation, they may require you to pay the difference between the fees charged in your home province and those charged in the province you are visiting out of pocket. These sums may be several hundred dollars depending on the services rendered, and they would not be reimbursed by OHIP.

The advantages of having travel insurance

Travel insurance that protects you in the case of an accident or unexpected illness allows you to be reimbursed for a variety of costs not covered by your public health insurance plan, including:

        Ambulance transportation expenses

        Emergency dental treatment

        Accessories and medical equipment recommended by the treating physician

        Prescription medications prescribed in a medical emergency

        If this service is deemed appropriate and secure, emergency medical repatriations to your province or territory of residence.

        The services of various types of health professionals

        The costs of staying in a private or semi-private bed

        Urgent dermatological treatment

        The portion of the expenses that will usually be paid to you for out-of-hospital appointments.

Additional advantages to safeguard you

Travel insurance, in addition to insuring you for emergency medical services, provides you with a variety of choices that allow you to receive comprehensive coverage that meets all of your requirements.

        Insurance for trip cancellation or interruption.

        Loss or theft of baggage insurance

Visitor Guard provides a variety of travel medical insurance Canada plans to keep you safe and secure on your trip. Find the coverage that best suits your needs by having a free online travel insurance quote or asking your travel agent or insurance broker, depending on the type of trip you want to take.

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