Canadian Vs Indian Insurance

Visitor Travel insurance is very important to have in case of some unexpected situation like medical emergency or sickness. One question many have in their minds whether to buy the travel insurance from Canada or from India (or any other home country). It’s a difficult question for the visitor who is traveling for the first time. In this case, he is unaware of the situations that may arise during his travel to or stay-period in Canada.

Most of the Canadian insurance companies have all the details related to various insurance plans, online. That visitors can visit the website, and get comparisons between plans and make informed decision effectively without spending lot of time dealing with Indian agents and wait for response. Online purchases are not very prevalent in India. Therefore, buying insurance from Canada gives an option to read all the necessary details on internet, and also make the purchase in almost no-time. A live chat on the broker’s website also enables to discuss the plan and resolve the queries that may bother prospective visitor’s mind. This is mostly and generally not possible in India.

Here we have add some important benefits compression between Canada and India Travel insurance.

All information available online We are experienced and licensed insurance agents and we offers free and timely help during claim processing and are available 7 days a week & 365 days a year, from 9 am to 9 pm. Our clients are most welcome to call us in case of any question or problem! For more information or detail Contact Visitor Guard Customer Care at: 1855-500-5041 or Visit

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