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What is Super Visa Emergency Medical Travel Insurance?

Super visa Emergency medical travel insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies only it does not cover routine visits to a family doctor, annual check-ups and prescription drugs. The current super visa requirement is $100,000 of coverage for a period of one year from a Canadian insurance company with a repatriation

Who is eligible for the new parent and grandparent super visa?

Parents and grandparents of those who are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have been found permissible to Canada and meet some other conditions are eligible for the Super Visa as stated by Canadian Government. Visa officers consider several factors before deciding if the person is permissible. This means they are a genuine visitor to Canada who will leave by choice at the end of their visit. Among the things that could be considered are:
The individuals strong bonds to his/her home country, The purpose of their visit, The individuals family and financial state of affairs, Invitations from Canadian hosts.

Is there any kind of compulsion to get Insurance through CIA (i.e. Canadian Insurance Company)?

Yes, this is true that you need to get the insurance from the CIA only as they are the ones who are going to cover all the aspects and supply you entire services relating to all medical facilities. It is also important as the process of claim as they can verify Canadian medical expenses faster.

Can I buy super visa insurance from country of origin of my parent like home country rather then from the Canadian insurance company?

No you need to buy insurance from the Canadian insurance companies and it makes your life easy as well for example if there is a claim with hospital dentist doctor its easy quick fast for the Canadian insurance to process the claim easy for the medical facility to put and access the claim, there is the option of the direct billing as well what that means in the event when you file claim insurance companies can pay direct to the medical facilities quicker and faster. Reimbursement is much quicker back in your pocket.
Canadian insurance companies have very great infrastructure and highly regulated and are re-insured by the Assures which pay claim in case the insurance companies goes insolvent. This means that the claim will be paid any way and you are well protected by the Canadian insurance company policy

Why has the government made it compulsory of purchasing visitor’s insurance from a Canadian travel insurance company and not from other insurance companies from their home country?

The Canadian insurance companies are governed by the regulations in Canada, and the government perhaps feels safer that any claims will be paid for by a company they can regulate. The government doesn’t want to be the one to have to pay any claims.

What are the minimum requirements for private Canadian health insurance to qualify for a parent and grandparent super visa?

Applicants must provide proof that they have purchased Canadian health insurance for a minimum of $100,000 in coverage and that it is valid for 1 year. In addition the coverage must be continuous and allowing the applicant to return to their home country as many times as needed within the year.

I do not know the date of arrival of my parents and/or grandparents what effective date do I use when purchasing Super Visa Emergency Medical Travel Insurance?

Proof of emergency medical travel insurance for a super visa is a mandatory requirement. The emergency medical travel insurance policy must be purchased and submitted as part of the super visa application. Since the date of arrival is not known at the time of the application for the emergency medical travel insurance policy we recommend you select an effective date of 60 days to 120 days. Once the super visa is approved you will need to change the effective date to coincide with the departure date. If for whatever reason you still do not know the actual departure date prior to the effective date of the policy, you will need to notify the insurance company or contact us and request to extend the effective date until the actual departure date is known. Your policy will be in effect from new effective date

If my parents do not want to stay in Canada for a full year then will I receive a partial premium fund?

Yes, you will get the remaining amount of fund back, but partial fund will not be provided if a claim has been submitted or is pending.

If my parents do not want to stay in Canada for a full year then will I receive a partial premium fund?

Yes, you will get the remaining amount of fund back minus the administration fee that can vary from company to company, if you have not submit ant claim on that policy

What Pre-existing conditions means? My parents have pre-existing condition will super visa insurance cover that, conditions are stable?

Pre-existing are the medical condition which can be illness, sickness, injury whether diagnosed or not by doctor. Pre-existing is the health condition which existed before buying the super visa insurance. Condition may have received consultation or not it does not matter. Yes you can buy the super visa insurance which will cover the pre-existing conditions as long as they are stable with the definition of insurance companies,
Stable means no change in symptoms, dosage, treatment, medical test recommended not completed again term of condition need to be read as it varies from insurance company to company. Stable period can be 90 days to one year.

Can I make the payment every month for the super visa coverage?

Yes, the monthly payment plan option is also now available.

Do I get a premium refund if super visa application is declined or withdrawn?

Yes. You will get the full premium refund from insurance company.All You have to provide proof of the rejection of your super visa application in order to process the cancellation request

Should i buy-deductible or no deductible?

This all depends on the amount of risk you can take for example if you buy $1000 deductible it means you will pay first 1000 each time during claim, over and above policy will pay where as if you pick zero deductible the covered condition all amount will be covered by insurance policy.

What is the maximum number of coverage days under this policy?

Under this policy, the maximum number of coverage days is 365 days

Why do I have to call the Assistance Center prior to receiving any medical treatment?

It is highly important that you to call our Assistance Center so that they can confirm, with the healthcare provider, your enrollment under the plan, manage the benefits in accordance with your policy, and, when possible, avoid any out-of-pocket expenses for you. If you do not call the Assistance Center, you may have to pay 20% to 30% of the medical expenses normally covered under this policy. If it is medically impossible for you to call, please have someone call on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Assistance Center has been notified.

Does your policy provide for services offered in outpatient clinics and doctors' offices or do I have to be hospitalized?

A medical emergency is eligible for coverage if treated in an outpatient clinic or doctor’s office. You must contact your Travel insurance provider prior to receiving any treatment.

How is Medical Emergency Defined?

Medical Emergency means an unforeseen sickness or injury that requires immediate treatment to prevent or alleviate existing danger to life or health.

I am travelling with a grandchild. Are we covered under a family policy?

Yes, grandchildren fall under our definition of a dependent but the dependent grandchild must be named on the confirmation and must be under of age 21, you must pay the premium for Family Coverage, and all travelers covered under a family policy.

Can i get refund if i return home before my policy expire?

Yes you will be eligible for a partial refunds in case there were no claims made.
Partial refunds are issued for the unused time on your policy period.

What Dose Deductible Mean?

Deductible is the amount of money that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.
Deductible amount also affects the actual price of the insurance policy. The higher deductible you choose, the lower the actual price of the policy will be. However, it is not recommended to go over a $1,000 deductible since you may end up paying most of your medical

Is it Possible to Change effective date On Existing Insurance Policy ?

Yes, you can send us a request to change the start date for you. Please, make sure you do it before the current effective date.
As for the policy extension/renewal, you need to notify us before the expiry date on your current insurance plan so you can avoid the waiting period when you receive your extension.

Can I purchase travel insurance coverage once I've left my home province?

Yes, however, it must be purchased prior to departing from Canada.

What Should I Do in Case Of Emergency?

In case of Emergency you have to notify your insurance company as soon as possible of any emergency medical treatment or hospitalization.
Your insurer will provide you with assistance, suggest the best options on where to get help, as well as arrange direct billing where possible.
Failure to do so could result in decreasing your insurance benefit. Every insurance company has a toll free emergency phone number to call from Canada and collect call numbers to call from anywhere else. The phone numbers are always included in the policy.

What if I have an emergency or claim?

You must notify Customer Care Worldwide (toll free or worldwide collect) within 24 hours of admission to a hospital or before any medical consultation or surgery is performed. Customer Care number can be found on your policy or contact Customer care for help

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Is medical insurance mandatory?

All International students are required by law to have medical insurance while studying in Canada. It is the student’s responsibility to have adequate medical insurance while in Canada.

How does medical insurance work in Canada?

Canada has one of the best universal public health care systems in the world. The universal health care system is administered by each province under its own provincial health care plan and covers visits to doctors, medical specialists, hospital stays and medical procedures. The provincial public health care plans do not cover everything they do not cover dental care, prescription eye glasses, and non-prescription drugs. These non-covered medical expenses can add up however you can purchase private insurance coverage from www.VisitorGuard.Ca

Am I eligible to apply for the Student Plan

If you are a International student in the Canada you are automatically eligible for the Student plan. or Canadian students are going for study out of there province or around the world, being a full-time student.

Are my spouse and children eligible for the plan?

Yes spouses and children are not eligible for the Student plan as long they are living with you.

What are the provincial guidelines for medical insurance in Ontario?

In Ontario, international students are not covered by provincial health insurance. International students are required to participate in the Ontario’s mandatory University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). Coverage includes basic medical services; additional coverage can be purchased from private health insurance companies. For more info Contact our Customer Care at:1855-500-5041

Can I extend or renew my insurance plan?

Yes. If you purchase your policy for less than 364 days, you can extend the plan up until you have a full 364 days of coverage. Once you have a full 364 days of coverage, you can then renew your plan for another year. If you continue to meet the eligibility requirements and don’t have any breaks in coverage, you can extend and renew your policy for up to a total of 4 years. For more info you can contact our customer service number 1855-500-5041

Where will this plan cover me?

The Students plan will cover you anywhere in Canada.

When does my Policy Terminate?

Your Insurance will terminate on the earliest of the following dates:

1. On the date the policy expires
2. If policyholder fails to pay required premium
3. On the date the Insured reaches 70 years of age
4. On the date student is eligible for a government medical plan
5. Date student departs from Canada upon completion of his assignments
6. 14 days after the insured person ceases studies in Canada

How do I make a claim?

To apply for benefits under this policy, you will need to send a completed claim form (with all original bills attached) to the insurer. Please take care in filling out the form, as any missing information may cause delay.