Medical Expenses For Visitors To Canada Can Run Over $3,000 Daily


Medical Expenses For Visitors Can Run Over $3,000 Daily.

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Contact your travel insurance company within 24 hour In case of emergency prior to treatment when ever possible. in case you don’t know contact information and you bought insurance policy from Visitor Guard and need assistance we are there to help you. We will provide you information of your policy number, Company and there emergency contact number

NOTICE: Failure to contact the assistance center in the event of medical consultation Call within 24 hours of hospitalization before receiving medical
treatment, you may have to pay 20% to 30%  of the medical
expense out of pocket

When File a claim

Your claim must be sent to your insurance company within 30- 90 days of your loss.

In case you need To submit the claim you need to complete a claim form and submit the following: a) policy number, Original itemized medical bills, receipts and invoices; proof of payment if you have paid the expense; complete medical and/or hospital records including diagnosis, X-ray, lab or other diagnostic testing results, which confirm that the treatment was medically necessary and send to insurance company by mail or by fax

The insurance company will process the claim usually with in 2 to 4 weeks after receive complete information about the claim including medical records from the treating providers . many claims are pending for long time solely because insurance company is waiting for provider to send the medical records. in this case please follow up with provider to make sure that they send required document as soon as possible , in case insurance required additional information from you the insurance company will contact you for explanation

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Do You Know How To Access The Help You Need In An Emergency

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Claims Inquiry:Obtain Quick, Easy Access To Information And Status.

Freephone: +1 800 559 6580 Telephone: +1 800 603 6035