Things to Remember When Submitting Insurance Claim

Why to submit claims for Visitor Insurance
Insurance companies need claim form for two-way verification. It means verifying if the insured has received particular health services at a particular health facility or through health provider. The claim forms enables the insurance company to verify this as well as verify the identity of the insured person. Once this is done, they can proceed to provide the result of the claim submission to the insured.

When making claim

It is mandatory to fill the claim form completely. The claim forms must have all the correct information in it. For the description regarding medical conditions, be precise. Various claim forms pertaining to different visitor insurance plans can be obtained From our website.
You can mail, email or fax claim documents to the insurance company. Visitorgaurd.CA recommends you to make a copy of all the document so you have record of all the documents that you sent to the insurance company.
If you are making a claim under Medical Insurance,

Original receipts for all bills and invoices.
Proof of payment made by you and/or by any other benefit plan,
Medical records including complete diagnosis by the attending physician or documentation by the hospital, which must support that the treatment was medically necessary,
Proof of the accident if you are submitting a claim for dental expenses resulting from an accident,
Proof of travel dates for side-trips outside Canada; and a copy of your ticket and passport confirming travel dates and entry into Canada.
If you are making a claim under Travel Accident Insurance, the following conditions apply

If your body is not found within 12 months of the accident, we will presume that you died as a result of your injuries.
If a claim is made under this insurance, we will need:-
a) Police, autopsy or coroner’s report,
b) Medical records and Death certificate, as applicable.
If you are making a claim under Trip Interruption Insurance, the following conditions apply

You must contact the Assistance Centre immediately or at the latest, the business day following the cause of the interruption. Any delays in notifying the Assistance Centre will limit the benefit to the non-refundable amount that would have been payable on the date the cause for claim occurred.
Insurance company will need proof of the cause of the claim including a medical certificate completed by the attending physician and stating why travel was not possible as booked and, if applicable:
a) Complete original unused transportation tickets and vouchers.
b) Original passenger receipts for the new tickets purchased.
c) The original receipts for the travel arrangements paid in advance and for the extra hotel, meal, taxi and telephone expenses incurred by you.
d) Any other invoice or receipt supporting the claim; and the entire medical file of any person whose health or medical condition is the reason for your claim.
How Claims processed by Insurance Companies?

Each insurance company takes different processing time for different type of claims. The standard processing time is usually 30 business days but sometimes it may take longer to verify documents or it may be required to get additional details to process a claim. The insured can follow up with the insurance company regarding claim status. The insurance company’s contact number can be found on the policy documents as well as on the insurance conformation latter. When the claim is approved, payment will be sent directly to the medical service provider or the insured if payment has been paid out of pocket. You may authorize VisitorGuard agent to help you in claim processing.

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