Requirements for Super Visa Insurance

Many people wonder what is Super Visa Insurance and how it is different from other type of Visa insurance? It is a VISA program for parents or grandparents which have come into force from 4 November 2011, in Canada to provide visa to Parents and GrandParents of Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens under family reunification program. This new super visa scheme will offer a temporary visa valid for a period of ten years to parents and grandparents.

CANADIAN Government make it compulsory to avail this Super visa Insurance. To avail this Super Visa insurance below are the requirements:

How to Apply for Super Visa Insurance?
Fill out the Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada [IMM5257].
Collect any required documentation.
Submit your application form along with supporting documents to a visa office.
Make sure to pay fee that coincides with your country or region.
Make sure to purchase Visitors to Canada insurance

Requirements for Super Visa Insurance:

Before applying for super visa application the applicant need a written commitment of funds from your child or grandchild in Canada along with Completed immigration Medical Examination. Also, an applicant need to obtain private Canadian health insurance termed as super visa insurance. Applicants need to submit a copy of their Canadian health insurance with a minimum period of one year and it should cover health care, repatriation and hospitalization with minimum cover amount of $100,000.

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