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Pre-existing condition is any condition for which the
patient has alrady received medical treatment or already
has symptoms of the illness and have not seen by the
doctor prior to enrollment in insurance plan.

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Travel insurance is one of the most important things you would need before stepping out for an overseas vacation/trip; because it protects you against many perils you may come across while travelling abroad. While you are on an overseas vacation, you would like to experience the lifestyle, cuisine, adventure, etc of the place you are visiting. These new experiences are the primary takeaways for many from a vacation, and making the most of it in the best spirit is very important and it is possible with the help of travel insurance. While on a trip, you cannot keep worrying about your expenses and enjoy your holiday. But, if you have a travel insurance, you can enjoy each and every moment of your journey. However, some may be of the opinion that travel insurance is just another additional expense to an already costly trip; nevertheless, the fact stays that an international travel insurance is more of a companion in a foreign land than a burden. The probability of unpleasant incidents and medical emergencies increases when you step out of your comfort zone. In the same context, there might be chances that while you are on a foreign trip for a longer period, you may fall prey to unforeseen events like accidents, food poisoning, change in climate, etc. There are many general insurance companies who offer travel insurance policies. With easy access to internet, now buying an overseas travel insurance policy is very easy. While you can easily buy travel insurance along with booking your flight tickets, you need to understand the policy you are buying to cover yourself and/or your family during a foreign trip. Therefore, it is important that you read your overseas travel insurance policy thoroughly and ensure that your travel insurance policy offers you risk coverages as per you requirements. An ideal overseas travel insurance policy should cover you against following perils: Personal accident Accidental death Emergency medical expenses Loss of passport Loss of checked-in baggage Personal liability Key Advantages Coverage is also available for trips involving any kind of sporting activities (subject to prior declaration and specific approval with premium loading) Hassle-free and convenient Planning a long trip? We cover wide durations up to 182 days, which is extendable up to 365 days. Automated extensions of Policy in case of medical emergency and evacuation (upto 30 days) and delay of common carrier (upto 7 days) beyond Policy expiry 24 Hour Emergency Cashless Services offered through Emergency Assistance Service Provider.