Student Insurance

Primary destination in Canada

Start date of coverage Start Date
The date of the coverage start from.

End date of coverage End Date
This is the date when your coverage will expire.

Number of travellers (up to 4)

Birth date of the oldest traveller

Do you require Family Plan? For eligible to family plan must have atleast 2 person in plan, 1 person age should not be greater then 58 and above 21 and 1 person age should be 21 or below.

Any pre-existing medical condition? Pre-existing condition
Pre-existing condition is any condition for which the
patient has alrady received medical treatment or already
has symptoms of the illness and have not seen by the
doctor prior to enrollment in insurance plan.

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International student Insurance is for students who came to Canada for study or for Students going abroad for study. All international Students in Canada must have health Insurance. To be eligible for the coverage you must be an International student studying full -time in Canada or a Canadian student studying full-time in another province or out of Canada. if your spouse and dependent children reside with you while you are studying they may also qualify for coverage. At Visitor Guard, We can provide you affordable coverage from various Canadian Insurance Companies with comprehensive health insurance plans, protecting against the cost of both emergency or non emergency medical expenses, our coverage which include 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week medical assistance for International students.