What you need to know before Purchasing Super Visa Insurance for your Parents and Grand parents

Before making the purchase Super Visa or Visitor to Canada Insurance, there are two important questions especially when parents are the one taking the trip

super visa insuranceWe know lot of the elderly travelers have some or the other pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing condition is a medical condition that is diagnosed/unknown to the person and this medical condition occurred before the start date of the visitor insurance. Therefore, it is important to be covered by a plan that offers protection against pre-existing conduction

Checklist for parents with pre-existing conditions:

Purchase visitor insurance plan that covers pre-existing conditions. Understand the plan thoroughly (know what is included/excluded and to what extent).
Before traveling to the Canada, make a folder and collect all doctor’s prescription for your condition and lab results and make extra note if required.
Carry enough medicines with you from your home country. In Canada most of these medicines won’t be available over the counter
Equipment for measuring blood sugar level for diabetic patients should be brought with you and ample care should be taken to avoid any unwanted medical condition because of diabetes. It should be remembered that prevention is better than cure.
The Blood pressure monitor also comes in handy for people with blood-pressure issues.
Always carry your insurance-ID card with you.
After the acute-onset of pre-existing condition(s):

Firstly, it is the insured’s responsibility to keep his or her pre-existing condition under control. Still, sometimes unforeseen medical conditions arise. Here is a recommended checklist, containing certain things that must be remembered after the acute onset of pre-existing conditions:

It is always important to understand beforehand what benefit your insurance plan offers and dose its cover pre-existing conduction
Under the Comprehensive Coverage plans, Cover pre-existing conduction as long its stable for minimum 180 days before travel.
Ask for all itemized bills and receipts for the treatment as well as for the prescriptions or labs.
Contact VisitorGuard or Insurance Company directly to request claim form.
Fill out the claim forms carefully and submit all the required documents including the bills and receipts. Within 30 to 90 days after treatment, keep a copy with you.
If a family member or friend files claims on behalf of the insured person, an authorization letter should be attached with the claim forms. With this letter, the insurance company will send the reimbursement check payable to that family member.
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